Enhance your advertising strategy with powerful tools

soeasytv - advertising

Easy Ad setup & Audience Targeting

Create Ad campaigns and Ad Content easily and Target advertising to individual users, groups & segments-based on user or device specific information such as:

  • Subscription Package
  • Custom User Groups
  • Device Type and Model
  • Profile Rating
  • Any Other Custom Information
soeasytv - advertising

Advertising Areas

Stay competitive with various video or banner advertisements placement areas within your applications/clients including Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll video ads

soeasytv - advertising
soeasytv - advertising - player

Content-Based Advertisements

Publish specific advertisements based on what the user is watching and create a roadmap to success!

  • Channel based
  • Program based
  • VOD based
soeasytv - advertising - player

Advanced Analytics

Get ahead with rich and multi-level real time data analytics and reporting regarding:

User interaction / events
User groups and tags
Ads delivered per campaign, area and customer
Top charts

soeasytv - advertising - analytics

Smart video ads powered by image recognition AI

A powerful image recognition AI technology which enables dynamic video context-related ads

A cross platform solution

Quick integration by using our soeasyTV SDK for every device

Android TV
Samsung Tizen
LG webOS
Apple TV

Android Phone
Android Tablet

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

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